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How To Make Audio Animatronics

In this section, we’ll concentrate on the construction techniques you will use to build the actuated skeltons that go inside your animatronic figures.

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Animatronics – Wikipedia – Etymology. Animatronics is portmanteau of animate and electronics. The term audio-animatronics was coined by Walt Disney when he started developing animatronics …

This post may contain affiliate links; please read the disclosure for more info. I have seen a broken or immobile animatronics character from time to time on many a …

How Animatronics Works | HowStuffWorks – Animatronics made cinematic history long before digital effects were around. Learn about how animatronics are created, programmed and controlled.

Audio-Animatronics are creations of Walt Disney and his Imagineers. Audio-Animatronics are essentially robots controlled by radio and/or cables in the floor.

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